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They blow up, cause radiation, cancer, fires and skyrocketing bills!
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postheadericon Back Flow Preventer Cages

As if worrying about your AC being stolen is not enough. Thieves are now targeting Backflow Preventer Valves.

The Brass Valves are Valuable to thieves and cost about $800-$1000 To replace

And your Water will keep running.

Do Not worry, we Got you Covered


Custom designs built to your specifications. 10 - 12 gauge steel frames.

Easy to service, and Color options to match your home.Each cage is 100% welded, heavy duty 12 gauge steel, not the lightweight material used everywhere else.
The hinges are made from heavy duty rolled steel.


postheadericon A/C Units Stolen & Damaged in the News!

Current Copper Price

Why are thieves going after your AC Units?

Copper is at an All Time High!

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AC Theft News!
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AC units are being stolen and broken into all over the Country. In Fort Myers, a Local AC Cage Company is doing its part to help keep your Air conditioner safe and secure by installing Custom AC cage enclosures. AC Cages are also available  for your Well & Water Equipment, Pool Pump and Pool Heaters, Electrical Meters, Phone and Data systems. We are currently shipping to Texas, Utah, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and right here at Home in Florida. We are Based out of Fort Myers Beach in Lee County and serve Fort Myers, South Ft Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Miami, Hollywood, Fort lauderdale and Buckingham. Naples and Marco Island in Collier county as well as Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda in Charlotte County are all feeling the pain of copper theft by having their AC, Pool, Electrical, Phone/Data Systems stolen and broken into.
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